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There are many reasons for needing a survey of your vessel. This reason dictates the type of survey you require.



A pre-purchase survey is a thorough inspection of the vessel’s structural integrity, system's installation, and operating condition, as well as performance. A comprehensive report is issued which includes an equipment list and detailed list of deficiencies and recommendations. Replacement and market values [in US dollars] are assigned to the vessel. Most lending institutions and insurance companies require a pre-purchase survey.


New construction surveys are conducted on a progressive inspection schedule throughout the vessels construction. Inspection includes observations of the structural integrity of the hull and stringer systems, installation of equipment, and cosmetic fit and finish of the vessel upon completion.


Insurance surveys are conducted to determine marine risk and value of a vessel, and are often used for re-insurance of vessel. Independent Marine Systems is very thorough and the report and inspection is very similar to the PRE-PURCHASE Survey.


An inspection to determine the vessel's value is conducted primarily for refinancing, estate settlement, and divorce asset value.


Customs surveys are conducted on foreign registered vessels which are being imported into the United States in order to determine value for duty [tax] assessment.


A list of maintenance recommendations is compiled in order to prioritize maintenance items. This is often conducted prior to the vessel's scheduled shipyard service.


Insurance claim consultations are conducted to verify the scope of damage and settlement issued by an insurance adjuster or surveyor.


Inspections of repair work are conducted to attest to the level of integrity and cosmetic quality of shipyard and/or sub-contractor repair work.


Hull bottom inspections are conducted to ascertain the integrity of the hull, Identify any damage due to groundings or contact with submerged objects, and check for proper alignment of the running gear.


All Surveys are custom made for each vessel and cover all the vessels systems. All surveys are based on current recommendations and regulations. As each vessel is different by design and size... so is the report. Below is very basic guideline of what may be onboard.

  • Electrical, AC DC wiring
  • Engines
  • Generators
  • Running gear/props/sail drives
  • Rigging
  • Hull
  • Interior
  • Exterior decks
  • Sea Trials


Management and Special Projects


Our experience in the building process of vessels and the end product use of vessels is invaluable. The nature of surveying allows us close inspection of failure often including the diagnosis of how to prevent the same failure. This can then be applied to the construction of a vessel.

Vessels today are built to the code of many class societies. Often we are called upon to coordinate or assist with this process. For many agencies such as MCA and Loyds this is an essential part of the job.

Although an owners representative in a new construction is often the eyes and ears during the build for the owner many shipyards require their client to designate a representative for each new yacht project.

Making sure the schedule is maintained, all milestones are attained on schedule and the vessel launches can be another essential part of the job.


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